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July 2008



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Jul. 29th, 2008

(no subject)

so works been going alright sofar, its so much memorization though. i have 2 huge binders full of standard operating procedures that i have to learn. today is officially my "first" day of training. i'm actually going to be on the floor rather then in the board room. i picked second shift because i suck at waking up early, but i'm guessing that wasnt a great idea. oh well. i work today from 3-11, and then i have wednesday off, and thennn i work thursday - next thursday. i bought a mk2 jetta turbo diesel. its going to be amazing. i need a fuel injection pump though. ive been looking around for one today, no luck yet.

Jul. 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

so yesterday was my first day of my new job. its crazy, and a lot different then i expected...a lot more work for sure. i have to learn all 100 of the illinois state police 10 codes. i.e. "10-98 - jail break." i have the worst memory ever so thats not going to be fun. i got finger printed yesterday, and again today...so i can use "LEADS", which is a federal program. and wednesday i'm going to the normal police station so i can get my picture taken for my ID. yesterday was really overwhelming, getting huge binders, and so much information, i could barely retain it. i have a 3 day EMT class at heartland college from aug. 7th til the 9th. it feels like theres so much to do, and so little time.

Jul. 7th, 2008

(no subject)

i got your gift in the mail today.

and i think your a fucking asshole.
how can things change in 3 days?
i obviously was right on point with my message, considering you had absolutely nothing to say to me in return.

you should really think about it before you use the words "i love you"
it should actually mean something.

i shouldve know by how fast you supposadly fell, that youd fall even faster out of love.

and finally,

i hope she rips your heart out



Jun. 5th, 2008

(no subject)

ive been at my moms house for the past few days, i already want to go home. i'm so sick of hearing my sister and my mom fight about the dumbest stuff...and i'm in the middle of it. ALWAYS. i'm hanging out with this pretty dreamy boy soon, i can't wait. ive been applying for jobs in DC/Northern VA. i'm leaving the 5th of july. crazy. i'm finally doing something spur of the moment. i can't wait.

Mar. 29th, 2008

(no subject)

for the first time in three years, i have no car payment.
ive been paying 300$/month since i graduated highschool.
i'm really happy. i feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders.
i owe like 800$ on my GTI, and it will be paid off, too.
that means no more debt for me. and the only thing i'll have to pay is my cellphone..

that means i can actually start going to school because i wont have to work so much, and i can finally move out... i'm so happy. eeee!

Jan. 30th, 2008

(no subject)

so my 21st birthday was interesting. my mom made me go to this bar with her, and my sister. my cousin ended up being there (suprise, suprise) and he kept buying me drinks, haha. i had a long island iced tea, and a few of these fruity shots...then a little later i went out with alicia, and andrea. we went to smokers den for a bit to wait for some people, and then to paulies. where i drank a long island iced tea in about 2 minutes, and had some patron, because im gangsta like that, and another long island and some misc. shots. i dont really remember too much after that. but i got to hear fun stories from my sister and alicia the next day. my mom found me laying in the bathroom :/ i'm a pansy.

madelyn and i went out this weekend in peoria. i went to this sweet little bar called richards. i had something called a "purple people eater"...and then we went to martinis, ohhh man. i felt so out of place. it was a ritzy bar, with lots of older business people. i had a jagerbomb. haha, and we left shortly after. i had to get away from the ridiculous jazz music!

OH! i forgot. i quit my job. its the first time ive ever done a spur of the moment type deal. it was rather scary...but working at afni is too stressful. its really not worth it. my parents got me a job at RR Donneley. I started on monday. its a weird shift, 11pm til 7am. its not the sweetest job, but it is so easy. my first night, i did absolutely nothing from 11pm til like 5am because our machine was down. my parents werent so happy that i quit, but i think they understand.

i applied for a few jobs in north jersey. i really want to go out there. it sounds like a refreshing change of pace. theres nothing here, anyway.

progress on my car is slowly coming along.
i woke up this morning, and it was 57 degrees! i was super excited. haha

i sanded down the side fender i picked up for my GTI, washed it,hung it up in one of our sheds and primed it. of course, right in the middle of painting, it starts storming, then hailing, and the temp drops about 40 degrees. i was pretty ticked. i want to get that fender on, so i can actually move along with getting the whole car resprayed. i picked out the rims that i want, Borbet type LS. mmm, they look just like Aristos, but smaller. aristos only come in 18s, and that would be way too big for my car. i'm thinking 16s. no matter how big of a POS my car is, i dont think i'll ever stop loving it.

my boyfriend is totally part of the gotti family.


getting a new hood

Jan. 17th, 2008

(no subject)

i'll be 21 in two days.

its pretty crazy. i remember when i was 12-13, not even imagining myself driving... and here i am; almost able to drink, and drive. hah.

ive been pretty busy lately with life. i started at mitsubishi, and i work at AFNI still.

i got to visit new jersey / pennsylvania for two weeks in december. it was pretty amazing. i got to see new york city, pittsburg, philly, jersey city and everything inbetween. it was so much to take in...(espically compared to a town of 7,000 that i'm used to.) it was so nice being out of my typical element. seeing new faces, new places...new cultures.

[nerd] while i was in new jersey i totally got to meet some e-friends from vwvortex.com. i almost had a seizure when i got to go to my first gtg, in north jersey. i saw so many hott volkswagens. its an amazing feeling remembering that i dont own the only gti in the world. [/nerd]

i really want to move there. or just somewhere far away, that ive never been to. i'm so sick of winter. i wish i wasnt such a pussy sometimes, and i could just go. its so nauseating thinking about leaving everyone i have, everything im familliar with for the unknown. its a gamble.

Oct. 7th, 2007

(no subject)

i havent been doing lots lately.
spending an abundance of time with jason.
basically every hangout sesh involves ghost hunting.
and jason being way more scared than me. haha
we need to be trying out for some mofuckin' TAPS.
my week vacation is over.
going back to work SUCKS.
i hung out with madelyn last night.
we went to chicago.
amongst other things...
we got some really obnoxious pointy toed zebra striped shoes.
talk about awesomeeeeeeeee
i have my second job interview at state farm tomorrow.

Sep. 27th, 2007

(no subject)

i feel like a free woman.
i got my liscense back todayyy!

i came home and helped my dad fix my veedubz. "we" in stalled a new thermostat. and by "we" i mean him, and i held tools. and took the blame for having a nazi germany car.

i get to see madelyn sunday, and this makes me happpy.

gossip seshh, plz.

(no subject)

it's time to cut my losses, and move on.

you should do the same.

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